SK Royal Homes’ Range of Beautiful New House Designs in Melbourne

SK Royal Homes has been in the industry for over a decade, giving you extraordinary new home designs for houses across Melbourne. No house plans are too big or small for us. It is tricky to choose the perfect house design to incorporate all your needs and furnishing requirements. The new home design includes the amenities available, locality, and interiors as well. We assure you that our professionals are the most unbiased and trusted to sincerely help you with the pros and cons of each design you choose. Your home reflects your lifestyle and personality. Hence you must identify your needs before you pick the design. Let us discuss a few factors you would want to consider before choosing a new double story house plan from us.

  • The budget you can afford is the most primary factor to consider. Discuss with your family and decide how much you should spend on your new house. This will determine the size, locality, and upgrades you can afford.
  • Consider your lifestyle before you choose House Design. It is good to foresee a little bit of future such as family expansion or retirement life, which changes the room requirements and its accessibility.
  • If your family and friends often crash land your house for overnight stayovers, it would be wise to consider an extra room for overnight guests.
  • To have an immaculate home, it is ideal to have sufficient storage spaces like cupboards, linen closets, etc. Planning these well will prevent you from regretting the unavailability of these spaces.
  • A home office is another important aspect to consider, as it creates a peaceful environment while you work, and prevents distraction.
  • Having an outdoor entertainment space attached to your home is great for barbeque parties or gatherings with family and friends.

Analyse your lifestyle and list down the necessary space requirements for your house before you finalise your new home design in Melbourne to suit your lifestyle.

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Choose the Experts in New House, Bathroom, & Kitchen Designing in Melbourne

At SK Royal Homes, we provide the best kitchen design and bathroom designs for your home in Melbourne. The layout of your bathroom should be functional and, instead of randomly combining all the styles that you like, the design needs to be carefully planned.

The storage, lighting, space, and interiors are the aspects that should be carefully taken care of. This is what matters in the kitchen too. Ergonomics depends on the layout of your kitchen. The golden triangle, which comprises the fridge, kitchen sink, and cook top, has a massive impact on your efficiency in the kitchen.

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