Find Our Stunning Range of Home and Land Packages in Melbourne

SK Royal Homes is your one-stop-shop for home and land packages in Melbourne. We are by far the best bid if you have been searching for affordable house and land packages in Melbourne. You will have two separate contracts for the land you buy and for the construction project of your house as these two are from separate suppliers. Let us look at the tips to consider while purchasing your package.

  • Thorough research: Before you proceed to meet a developer, ensure that you have conducted thorough research on the land you plan to purchase. Consider the size, shape, and amenities close to the land such as schools, health care, shops, and public transport. Check for the projects completed by the potential builder before you meet the builder.
  • Visit their completed projects: Pay a visit to their completed projects and get to know the total cost, time, and efficiency of their works. Hence you can be sure that you have not chosen the wrong home and land package.
Cheap House and Land Packages Melbourne
  • Meet the developer: Talk to the developer and be aware of the cost and time for completing your project. Ensure that there are no hidden costs or additional costs at the end. SK Royal Homes particularly has no hidden costs and ensure complete transparency in our pricing method.
  • Lawyer services: Appoint a lawyer as they can identify any legal complication during the purchase of the land. It helps you to ensure that all legal obligations are met.
  • Fact checks: Check the license and insurance before you commit to land and building packages. This will reduce the risks of dealing with fraudulent or unauthorized developers.

Budget-Friendly House and Land Packages in Melbourne – Explore Your Options with SK Royal Homes

SK Royal Homes is the most suitable solution for your house and land packages in Melbourne. If you have been wondering about the benefits of choosing us, we have listed a few below.

  • The clarity in cost: You can get clarity in the cost requirements when you visit us for a free quote This is of great advantage for people who use pre-approved funds. The total amount is known beforehand to get a construction loan for your land and building package requirement.
  • Best designs: We provide you with the best designs for your house considering every aspect of the land which includes the size, shape, and slope of the land. Any practical difficulties in implementing the design of your choice will be conveyed. Our team will guide you with alternative designs.
  • Better maintenance: As a reputed provider of home and land packages in Melbourne, SK Royal Homes includes only quality materials for their construction purposes with maintenance. We also provide a warranty to stand by our work which will cover the maintenance cost for a specified period.